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Mirasol Eating Disorder Recovery Centers

Alternative Treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating

Mirasol is a residential eating disorder center dedicated to integrative treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. We believe that eating disorders are the result of chronic stress and trauma, and emphasize therapies that have proven successful in the treatment of other stress-related conditions.

Instead of focusing on suppressing eating disorder symptoms, we identify the root of the problem and develop new ways of communicating and coping that restore and maintain overall balance. We believe that the skills we teach are more effective and longer lasting than restrictive protocols, and provide the opportunity to practice those skills in a safe environment that supports change. Mirasol clients rediscover normal eating with individual meal plans and guidance from our staff dietitians.

Mirasol's Eating Disorder Programs

Residential Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Program (IOP) for adult women

Partial Hospitalization Progam (PHP)

individual counseling

Individualized One on One Treatment In a Healing Environment

With a 3:1 staff-client ratio, we offer extraordinary individual attention and tailor our programs to the individual client's needs. Each client has 2-4 psychotherapeutic individual sessions weekly as well as 3 groups daily.

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alternative therapies

Mirasol's Integrative Medical Approach

Our multidisciplinary eating disorder treatment team consists of psychiatrists, naturopaths, psychotherapists, nurses, doctors and dietitians who work closely with practitioners of alternative medicine, including neurofeedback, body therapies, Oriental medicine, trauma therapies, experiential therapies, and adventure therapy.

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aftercare program

Mirasol's Aftercare Program

We carry our relationship on with clients when they go home. They'll see their own therapists (at home) twice a week and also work with a licensed Mirasol therapist on the phone. They'll have a full year of aftercare from the time of their discharge.

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In the coming months, Mirasol will be expanding its adolescent eating disorder treatment program to include backpacking. To prepare for the upcoming trips, six Mirasol therapists put their packs on their backs and spent two days trekking in a remote valley high in Tucson's Catalina Mountains.

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"But My Labs Are Always Normal!"

By Dr. Dawn Bantel, NMD

Dr. Dawn Bantel"But my labs are always normal" is the response that I usually hear from clients when I share with them how severe their eating disorder is. I have to admit that I truly expected to see horrible labs when I first started to evaluate eating disordered patients. Most of our clients have relatively normal lab work. This is often even true of clients that are engaging in severe eating disorder behaviors.

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Eating Disorders and Bone Density

By Dr. Dawn Bantel, NMD

Bone density is one of the biggest health concerns that I have for my clients with eating disorders. It's not uncommon for the anorexic client to tell me that she has been told by her doctor that she has the bone density of a 70 year-old woman. What does this mean?

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PRN Medications: Easing the Transition to Normal Eating

By Dr. Dawn Bantel, NMD

One way that Mirasol is unique is by the selection of "PRN" medications available to our clients. In a treatment center, PRN medications are those that the client can request to use as needed. It comes from pro re nata that means "as needed" in Latin. Common PRN medications are often over the counter remedies such as Tylenol and Gas-X. We have those, but what is different is that we have a large selection of herbs, homeopathics and nutritional supplements that are available to our clients.

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