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photo of the Sonoran Desert

What to Bring, What to Expect

You are coming to a beautiful setting in the desert to begin your journey to a life free of disordered eating. Your ability to follow the program as prescribed by the treatment team enhances the benefits you will receive in your healing.

What to Bring

Mirasol is located in the Arizona Sonora Desert and the climate can vary widely throughout the course of a day. Make sure your bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat or cap, exercise/ running shoes, hiking boots, a jacket, a swimsuit for the pool, and a small backpack. Please bring your most comfortable and casual clothes. When packing your toiletries, include some lotion because the air is very dry.

Please bring in at least a one-week supply of medications (that you are currently taking), in the original pharmaceutical container. Do not bring medications you are not currently taking, and do not bring samples. Please bring $100 cash for medication co-pays and your medical insurance card. You are also responsible for the cost of any supplements, herbs (we sell these at wholesale costs), and labs and special outside consultations recommended by our staff. A credit card needs to be on file with our business office.

All nutritional supplements brought to Mirasol must be sealed. Opened supplements will be taken by the staff and stored in the medical office. Supplements will be returned to the client once they have been discharged.

You can bring a cell phone or pre-paid telephone card and a small amount of cash for outings. Phone calls are scheduled for weekends only; there are no incoming calls unless the staff approves of the call. Incoming calls from family members will be routed to a staff member.

Books are subject to approval.

Please remember to bring your insurance card and a copy of your insurance benefits book.

What Not to Bring

Please do not bring laxatives, candy bars, diet pills, alcohol, drugs, sweeteners, magazines, weapons or anything that could pose a danger to yourself or others. To keep Mirasol a safe place for all residents and staff, we will search your luggage and take items that you will not need during your stay at Mirasol. These items will be stored in a "Contraband" container or destroyed if thought to be an obstacle to your recovery.

Electronics that can be brought to Mirasol include iPods or MP3 players that do not have internet connectivity. Please do not bring laptops, netbooks, Kindles, or iPods or iPads that can connect to the internet. If you bring these items, they will be stored in your Contraband container.

What to Expect

When you arrive at Mirasol, your orientation will include a luggage search, completion of release and consent forms, and a tour of the facility. You will have a medical assessment, a nutritional consultation, and a psychiatric evaluation. As part of your individualized treatment plan, you will be given an exercise routine that is especially designed for you.

FREE Eating Disorder Support Group!

FREE weekly eating disorder support group for adults struggling with food issues, staffed by therapists from Mirasol Eating Disorder Recovery Centers. Thursdays from 5:30-6:45 pm at 3116 N Swan in Tucson. For more information, call 888-520-1700.

"Mirasol is light years ahead of any other program in the country."