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Photo of Mirasol client on a hike in the Catalina Mountains
Mirasol of Mirasol clients with backpacks wading in a mountain stream
Photo of Mirasol clients backpacking in a canyon in southern Arizona
Photo of group yoga in the mountains near Tucson, Arizona

Mirasol Eating Disorder Recovery Centers

Delivering Superior Care Using Integrative Treatment

Mirasol, an inpatient and residential eating disorder treatment center located in Tucson, Arizona, is dedicated to providing holistic, integrative treatment. In 1999, Mirasol was the first treatment center in the country to offer true integrative treatment for eating disorders.

Licensed in the state of Arizona and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), Mirasol is widely renowned for its effective treatment of eating disorders and complex mental health issues. We excel in treating co-occurring disorders.

Mirasol is the very finest in-patient and residential eating disorder program in the country. Every one of our residents is treated with sensitivity, dignity, and respect. With a 3:1 staff-client ratio, we offer extraordinary individual attention and tailor our programs to the individual client's needs.

We treat adult women, ages 18 and up and adolescent girls and boys, ages 12 to 17. An educational component is available for teens with private tutoring. We gladly work with your child's school at home.

Holistic, Integrative Treatment

At Mirasol we wish we could just wave a magic wand and everyone would be cured.

Doctors, psychiatrists, dietitians, psychotherapists, and practitioners of alternative medicine all work hand-in-hand to help our clients "completely recover."

Some of Mirasol's alternative therapies include:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Adventure therapy (camping, caving, low trapeze dance, high ropes challenge course, etc.)
  • Bodywork
  • Acupuncture
  • Oriental medicine
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises)
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Equine therapy
  • Art, music and dance are a few of the many therapies used in treatment to help the person who is suffering.

Mirasol's whole food philosophy uses the highest quality food available. Mirasols' chefs prepare food that is exceptional. We believe that food can be used as medicine.

Small, intimate residences (limited to a maximum of 10 clients) in Territorial-style homes in southern Arizona's fabulous Sonoran Desert provide a secure and serene environment for healing.

Would you be interested in treatment that is respectful and honors your spirit and soul as well as your body?

Come to Mirasol and be well!

Why Mirasol?

  • Have you had multiple treatments and are still suffering?
  • Have you been traumatized by strict, "boot-camp" style treatment centers?
  • Could you learn to believe that complete recovery is possible?
  • Would you be interested in a full-year of support by a licensed clinician after you leave treatment (telephone support offered all over the world)?

Would you be interested in treatment that is respectful and honors your spirit and soul as well as your body?

Come to Mirasol and be well!

Hear What a Mirasol Client Has to Say!

Mirasol alumna Devon Coombs describes how her stay at Mirasol literally brought her back to life and helped her rediscover joy and passion.