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Testimonials from Former Mirasol Clients

It's Valentine's Day, and this is my valentine to Mirasol:

I am in in love with life, and the beautiful person I have become. How many women do you know who can honestly say this?

When I left for Mirasol, getting out of bed was a chore. I found it hard to smile and quite frankly to live. Today, I can honestly say it's hard to go to sleep because I so look forward to waking up tomorrow. I love my life. It's a simple concept, but at one point in time it was something I thought I'd never obtain. I am no longer an under-eater, an over-eater, an exerciseaholic. I'm back to my life. I go to class now and look forward to helping people. This could have never been possible without first helping myself. Mirasol helped me help myself, save myself. Who would have thought that I could be this happy? I love the skin I'm in. I love the person I have grown to become. I am my own valentine.

— Sincerely, AC

Mirasol not only saved my life, it changed my entire outlook on life. I was introduced to a whole new way of living — a holistic, organic, authentic way that was instrumental in my healing process and continues to be a huge part of my daily life post-Mirasol. My view of what is possible in the world and what I am capable of was expanded dramatically during my 60 day stay at Mirasol. My creativity ... was finally allowed to reemerge and I loved the formal introduction to my inner child who I have continued to develop a beautiful relationship with ever since.

The staff at Mirasol had a profound positive impact on my recovery, and never in my life had I been exposed to so many healers in one place and in such a nurturing environment.

The guidance, wisdom, education and tools I received at Mirasol have allowed me to break past barriers which I was formerly hiding behind. During my stay, I began to develop the most important relationship in my life — the relationship I have with myself and my body and that has been the most positive life-changing experience I have ever had. Thanks to what I learned through Mirasol, I am able to love, respect and honor myself and the wisdom of my beautiful body. — Forever Grateful, DC

My overall experience at Mirasol was irreplaceable. Regardless of what happens in the future, I will permanently altered because of what I have learned at Mirasol and especially after my exposure to other programs. I would HIGHLY recommend Mirasol to anyone who is considering residential treatment. Thank you to the staff - I love you all. — CM

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn tools to cope with life without having to revert back to eating disorder behavior. The nutritionist is exceptional. I am deeply grateful to all of the staff who made my stay warm and valuable. — VN

My stay here exceeded all my expectations, which were very high to begin with! I have learned and loved so much. — KJ

This program helped to save my life. I love the warm approach at Mirasol. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. — KY

The meals are outstandingly delicious and having a cookbook gives me hope for future cooking! — RH

Mirasol is a wonderful and innovative place. It is unique in that it gives clients a chance to make up their own minds about their willingness to recover. — MM

I am so grateful for everyone at Mirasol for the amazing experience I've had!!! Thank you for really making a difference in my LIFE! — BS

LC: I really appreciate how much the staff listens and takes into consideration what people have to say. I also felt like I was really allowed to be myself and be trusted. I feel more confident now leaving because of that. I never thought I would be able to do what I have done and I feel so good about it. I feel like I am really getting a start to having my life back and I love Mirasol for that! — LC

I was at Mirasol in the summer of 2001. It's hard to believe it has been over a decade since I was in treatment. I don't have the right words at the moment to express how thankful I am for you and for Mirasol, and how instrumental to my health and sanity it all was. — PM