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Mirasol's Sunflower newsletter is published periodically and includes Mirasol news and updates on the latest developments in the alternative treatment of eating disorders.

Previous Issues of The Sunflower

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May, 2018 SIBO and ED - Is There a Link? | Why Summer is the Best Time to Seek Treatment

December, 2017 Holiday Survival Tool Kit | Mirasol Teen is Back!

October, 2017 Playing the Insurance Game | Acupuncture with a Gentle Touch

August, 2017 The Lonely Road to Recovery | The Battle in Your Belly

June, 2017 Mirasol Now Licensed as Inpatient Behavioral Health Facility | Psychiatry Grand Rounds

January, 2017 Breaking the Cycle of Eating Disorders, Insomnia and Trauma | New Substance Abuse Outpatient Program

November, 2016 The Promise of Trans-Cranial Electrical Stimulation | Embrace: The Movie

September, 2016 Teen Closes, PHP Expands | Summer Camping Trip

July, 2016 The Challenges of Summer | Sevens Reasons Not to Delay Treatment

June, 2016 Recovery for the Whole Family | Eating Disorders and Shame

April, 2016 Eating Disorders and Sexuality | Hiking and Backpacking with Mirasol

February, 2016 Straight Talk on Body Image | Art Therapy: Challenging the Inner Critic

January, 2016 "Reflections:" A Powerful Tool for Healing Relationships | Putting Recovery First

December, 2015 Holiday Survival Guide | The Neurobiology of Giving

November, 2015 Eating Disorders and Addiction | Breaking the Silence

October, 2015 Orthorexia: The Dirty Downside of "Clean" Eating | Support Groups for Picky Eaters

September, 2015 Changing the Brain | PHP Myths and Misconceptions | A Tale of Two Teens

August, 2015 Elder Eating Disorders | "Kick Your Eating Disorder's Butt" | Mirasol's New PHP

July, 2015 Special Edition: Teens in Treatment and What Happens When Your Child Comes Home?

June, 2015 26th International Trauma Conference and Why There's No Maudsley at Mirasol

April, 2015 Special Edition: Treating Eating Disorders with Co-Occurring Complex Trauma or PTSD

March, 2015 Backpacking with Mirasol | Mirasol Day Program | Ask a Naturopath

February, 2015 Meet Mirasol's New Executive Director and New Clinical Directors

December, 2014 Holidays are Approaching | A Message from the Executive Director

July, 2014 Mirasol Celebrates 15 Years | Mirasol's New Behavioral Health Components

December, 2013 Mirasol Holiday's | Specializing in Trauma

November, 2013 Eating Disorder Institute Graduate Certificate Program

June, 2013 Mirasol's CARF Recognition | Award for Best of Eating Disorder Blogs

April, 2013 BEDA Conference| Recipe: Thai Coconut Chicken

December, 2012 Seventy Ways to Enjoy the Holidays | Recipe: Buddha's Delight

October, 2012 Transformational Living Center | Somatic Therapy | Adventure Therapy

June, 2012 New Adult Intensive Outpatient Progam (IOP)

October, 2011 Stop Eating Your Heart Out | Free Eating Disorder Support Group

June, 2011 Mirasol Teen Returns | EMDR and Trauma

February, 2011 New Licensing and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance | IAEDP

November, 2010 Caving Grace: Finding Trust, Communication and Support Underground

October, 2010 Meals at Mirasol: No Taboos, Lots of Challenges | CARF Accreditation

May, 2010 Challenge Course Helps Heal Family Relationships | Mirasol Foundation

March, 2010 Healings Relationships with Food — in the Kitchen!

December, 2009 A Psychiatrist Discovers the Power of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

November, 2009 Mirasol's New IOP Intensive Outpatient Program

July, 2009: Affordable Options for All Stages of Eating Disorder Recovery

April, 2009: New Transformational Living Program | Alternative Therapy & Real-World Skills

March, 2009: Spirituality and Recovery

February, 2009: EFT: The New Face of Energy Psychology

January, 2009: Orthorexia: An Eating Disorder in Disguise

December, 2008: A Holiday Wish from Mirasol | 70 Ways to Survive the Holidays

November, 2008: Audio-Visual Entrainment | Pyrrhic Victory for Parity

September, 2008: Parity: One Step Closer | Notes from NEDA

August, 2008: Virtual Family Therapy

May, 2008: Adventure-Based Therapy and Eating Disorders

April, 2008: The Mirasol Menagerie: Animal Therapy and Eating Disorders

January, 2008: Oriental Medicine and Accupuncture for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

December, 2007: A Holiday Wish from Mirasol

November, 2007: Eating Disorder Recovery and Social Responsibility

October, 2007: Mirasol's EDRECOVERY Blog | Alumni Retreat

September, 2007: Functional Medicine

July, 2007: Making Scents of Aromatherapy

May, 2007: Compulsive Exercise | CARF Accreditation

April, 2007: Family Week at Mirasol

March, 2007: Challenge Foods

February, 2007: The Healing Desert | Winter Camping in the Desert

January, 2007: New Year's Resolutions

December, 2006: Eating Disorder Holiday Survival Guide

November, 2006: Cover Me! Getting Your Insurer to Pay for Eating Disorder Treatment

October, 2006: Art Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

September 2006: Continuing Care and Other Secrets of Successful Recovery

July, 2006: Whole Foods and Eating Disorder Recovery

June, 2006: Neurofeedback: High Tech That Heals

May, 2006: Dance/Movement Therapy

April 2006: "Dos" and "Don'ts" for Family Members | Brain Gym: A Workout for Your Mind

FREE Eating Disorder Support Group!

Mirasol's free weekly eating disorder and body image support group is temporarily on hold to protect the safety of our clients, staff and the community from the potential spread of coronavirus. As soon as feasible, the support group will resume in an online format lead by Mirasol CEO and founder Jeanne Rust. Stay tuned for further details! .

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