Depression Treatment

What is our depression treatment philosophy?

Probably 90% of our clients who admit to Mirasol are suffering from major depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety seem to go hand in hand with eating disorders and co-occurring conditions. Treating the co-occurring conditions along with the eating disorders can prolong treatment but not prevent a successful outcome.

When treating depression it is necessary to have a team of experts in mood disorders to begin to bring the client back to health. The first part of treatment is not necessarily medicating a client. We prefer to finish our complete assessment process. Then the resident's treatment team, including the psychiatrist, can best decide what will be the best plan for this specific client to follow. This may very well include medication for a short period of time so the client can be more accessible to treatment interventions.

Feelings of hopelessness and complete despair are not uncommon, particularly when medication and outpatient therapy has not worked. At Mirasol, the client is provided with consistent emotional support as she begins to heal from depression and anxiety. She must have an integrative type of treatment to help her completely heal and learn to deal with life as it is.

How Do Treatment Plans Address Depression with Co-occurring Conditions?

A long history of depression and anxiety may make a person susceptible to other behavior patterns such as substance abuse and eating disorders. Mirasol's therapists have extensive experience in treating depression and as well as a team of people who are pros at treating substance abuse.

An effective treatment for depression and anxiety is mindfulness and learning to be more mindful of her feelings, especially when the feelings become overwhelming. Each person Every part of the woman needs to be treated: nutritionally, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. Each client receives training in interpersonal skills, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation skills through DBT.

Mirasol has provided safety within its facility so no client feels shame at disclosing information about her disease. She soon finds that everyone has very much the same kind of issues and her peers understand the struggle involved in learning to make healthy choices.

At Mirasol major depression treatment plans consider all data received about the resident. We gather together our entire treatment team to customize her care. The complete team approach to customizing treatment including input from the client herself is one of the factors that highlights the cutting-edge treatment of eating disorders and co-occurring disorders at a world-class treatment center such as Mirasol.

FREE Eating Disorder Support Group!

Mirasol's free weekly eating disorder and body image support group is temporarily on hold to protect the safety of our clients, staff and the community from the potential spread of coronavirus. As soon as feasible, the support group will resume in an online format lead by Mirasol CEO and founder Jeanne Rust. Stay tuned for further details! .

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