Summer is the best time for treatment

Why Summer is the Best Time to Seek Treatment for an Eating Disorder

When summer's over and you're back in school, who do you want to be? Still struggling with the same old cycle of binging/purging/restricting? Or a pilgrim on the road to lasting recovery?"

SIBO and Eating Disorders

SIBO and ED — Is There a Link?

Nearly all our clients experience profound gastrointestinal disturbances, and we tend to assume that these symptoms are a natural part of the body's recovery from an eating disorder. But what if an imbalance in the gut biome contributed to the development of the eating disorder?

measuring recovery

How Do You Measure Recovery?

It's a change in the person's expression, in the way they carry themselves, in the timbre of their voice that says, "I know I will still face challenges, but I also know I am equal to those challenges." How in the world do you measure that?

The Insurance Game

Playing the Insurance Game

Making the decision to seek treatment for an eating disorder is a difficult decision that requires tremendous courage. Unfortunately, once you have made that decision, an even greater challenge may be getting your insurance to pay for treatment.

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