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Nervous System Regulation

My Morning Practice

In the morning when the rest of the world is still resting, the joy of no emails, no phones ringing, no texts to answer is such a gift.

Nervous System Regulation

Want to regulate your emotions? Get to know your nervous system!

The first step to achieving emotional regulation is to recognize, and become aware of, how your nervous system is impacted by both your internal and external worlds.

New ED Research

New Research Leads to More Effective Treatment for Eating Disorders

New research is leading to more effective treatment for eating disorders.

Perfect Recovery Myth

The Myth of "Perfect Recovery"

A perfect recovery is never about being perfect. An occasional slip or relapse is part of the process of recovering from an eating disorder.

Plate by Plate

The Plate-by-Plate Approach

The plate-by-plate method helps families normalize their children's eating without weighing, measuring or counting.

Horse Time

Learning to Live on "Horse Time"

Building trust with the grace, power, and honesty of the horse can provide a bridge for healing that may be more effective than verbal communication for clients who struggle with "talk therapy".

Mirasol 20th Anniversary

Mirasol Recovery Centers: 20 Years Later, Small is Still Beautiful

20 years ago this month that Jeanne Rust launched a revolutionary residential eating disorder treatment program, pioneering the use of alternative therapies that would become part of the gold standard for treatment of anorexia, bulimimia, binge eating and co-occurring conditions.