September 11, 2012 Heather Purdin

Ten Signs That Hint at Abuse

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Some signs of violence that may indicate a child may be physically or sexually abused at home are readily apparent to many educators and counselors.

Here is the list of 10 Signs That Hint at Abuse:

1. Unexplained injuries, especially burns or bruises in the shape of objects including the fingers.

2. Changes in behavior, like becoming more aggressive and bullying other children or becoming withdrawn.

3. Return to earlier behaviors, like thumb-sucking, bed-wetting or fear of the dark.

4. Fear of going home.

5. Changes in eating, which may result in weight gain or loss.

6. Changes in sleeping, including nightmares or difficulty falling asleep.

7. Changes in school performance and attendance.

8. Lack of personal care or hygiene.

9. Risk-taking behaviors, like using drugs or alcohol or carrying a weapon.

10. Inappropriate sexual behaviors or use of explicit sexual language.

Remember that suspected abuse is enough reason to contact the authorities whether it be CPS or the police. You do not need proof.

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