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October 30, 2012 by Jeanne Rust

Seven Tips to Recover from Bulimia

Are you thinking about recovery for Bulimia? That's good because Bulimia nervosa is the second leading cause of death after anorexia nervosa. Medical consequences include loss of hair, the ability to think clearly, and tooth loss. Bulimics often have co-occurring conditions such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and phobias.

In this post you will discover ways to stop bingeing and purging, overcome depression and anxiety, and let go of guilt.

Usually, people don't connect compulsive exercise, purging, diuretics, and/or laxatives with death. Many bulimics will die of an esophageal hemorrhage or a heart attack.

Remember recovery from bulimia is possible!

Here are 7 Tips on How to Recover from Bulimia Nervosa

1. Keep a Food Diary. Write down everything you eat and your feelings. When you do this you will stay conscious of your eating and not eat that whole bag of chips. If you don't keep a food diary, you will continue to eat unconsciously. Write in a separate journal so you always have a safe place to express your feelings.

2. Write a plan in your journal for how to manage feelings that trigger the binge and purge cycle. For example: "If I'm feeling angry, I will leave the room." "If I'm feeling fearful, I will write in my journal what I'm afraid of." If I'm feeling guilt or shame, I will talk with a friend."

If you do make this plan, you'll start smiling more with increased awareness. If you don't do this plan, you'll stay stuck in your negative feelings and keep bingeing.

3. See an eating disorder professional who can educate you on the medical complications such as dental disease or heart palpitations. If you don't see a professional, you could have a heart attack.

4. Spend time with friends who are supportive of you. Stay away from people who are emotionally abusive to you. If they even walk in the room, leave as soon as you can. Spending time with positive people is the way to grow your self-esteem and begin to heal. Negative people will just drag you down and leave you wondering if they're right when they say, "You will never be all right."

5. Recognize that laxatives and diuretics have no affect on calorie absorption. If you continue to take laxatives and diuretics, major organ failure can occur. If you stop taking laxatives and diuretics with the help of an MD and dietitian, you'll be well on your way to overall health.

6. Join a support group. Support groups help combat the shame and secrecy of bulimia in a safe environment.

7. Work on your impulsivity. If you feel compelled to binge or purge and feel you cannot control it, begin by trying to delay the binge or purge for 10 minutes by listening to music, calling a friend, or writing in your journal. If you cannot control your impulsivity, you will have a lifetime of regret ahead of you.

The worst complaint made by recovering anorexics and bulimics is about the size of their stomachs and The Dreaded Bloat. Are you ready to address solutions to the Dreaded Bloat?

"You can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk."

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