November 15, 2013 Jeanne Rust

Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Eating Disorders


I couldn't wait to let you all know about this new neuroscience research! It's beginning to look more and more like brain-based interventions will be a hopeful frontier for eating disorders recovery.

I've always thought that the brain was where an eating disorder began.

While we've witnessed profound outcomes anecdotally since, we're finally starting to get empirical proof of what we have always intuitively known!  Yay!

Over the course of four to six weeks, study participants (n=20) each received 20 sessions, each 45-minutes in length, of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.  Nearly half of the participants experienced symptom relief at a 50% or greater magnitude. Of added significance, the subjects presented with persistent eating disorders. Individuals with enduring eating disorder symptoms are often tagged as "treatment-resistant" or "hopeless cases"...While the sample size is quite small in this particular study, the collective neuroscience findings over the last year are equally impressive and hopeful.

[Click here to read the full length article from WebMD]

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