February 2, 2014 Jeanne Rust

The Impact of Childhood Trauma and Neglect on the Brain

I wanted to provide you with a sample of articles and videos from my favorite researchers and teachers in this area. Enjoy and remember to love deeply and freely. It's good for your brain!

Jeanne Rust, Ph.D., CEO of Mirasol

The impact of abuse and neglect on the developing brain — Article by Dr. Bruce Perry

How childhood trauma influences brain development. — Article by Dr. Bruce Perry

What's the difference between these two brains? — Brain scans show the impact love has on the developing brain. Article about differences in brain scans of secure attachment and neglect

Trauma, the brain and relationship: helping children heal. — Powerful documentary featuring Bryan Post, Bruce Perry, M.D., Daniel Siegel M.D., Marti Glenn PhD and other renowned experts in the field of childhood trauma, and attachment and bonding.

Childhood trauma, affect regulation and borderline personality disorder. — Bessel van der Kolk, MD, delivers this lecture "Childhood Trauma, Affect Regulation, and Borderline Personality Disorder" as part of the 9th Annual Yale NEA-BPD Conference.

Dr. Allan Schore neurobiology of secure attachment — Dr. Schore and others speak simply about this topic. Great video for clients and parents.

Healing attachment trauma: the journey to wholeness by Kenny Miller, LCSW  DVD set for purchase:

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