February 27, 2019

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Redefining "Healthy": Have the Courage to Do Something Different

The theme of this year's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week "Come As You Are." The campaign, which runs from February 25 through March 3, 2019, aims to amplify voices within marginalized communities and break down the stigma surrounding the reality of eating disorders.

"Come as you are" means:

Society can't tell us what is healthy. If you look outside yourself for a guide to being healthy, then you're screwed. Really.

Medical professionals say

Society says eating organic and lean and keto is healthy.

Trainers and celebrities say that molding your body is healthy because it makes you feel better.

Your friends say that fit is hot and healthy.

But what if "healthy" actually means:

What if "healthy" isn't about being toned but having some delicious sexy human softness?

What if "healthy" means leaving your body alone to be where it wants to be size-wise, where you function the best, where you can most access your ability to love, to empathize, to support, to be present?

What if "healthy" means peace of mind, gentleness with yourself, and a fiery passion for life?

Some of us have chased society's definition of health and it almost killed us. We lost ourselves and almost lost our lives.

YOUR "HEALTHY" IS YOUR "HEALTHY". It's not a size, a shape, a meal plan, an exercise plan, 10,000 steps, or moral superiority for eating or looking a certain way.


Katie Klein

Written by:

Katie Klein

Director of Admissions and Utilization Review

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