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July 4, 2014 by Hope

Declaring Independence from Your Eating Disorder

Being afraid of wearing a bathing suit on a summer vacation; having a fear of clothes shopping due to poor body image; feeling trapped in your own body; constantly counting calories; obsessing over food, weight, or shape; exercising out of compulsion; restricting or overeating in reaction to difficult emotions; feeling compelled to follow an energy consuming fad diet; spending time binge eating and risking life by purging unwanted calories; and especially losing things of importance (i.e. dream jobs, close friendships, precious time with loved ones, and other amazing opportunities)... These are all merely a handful of the myriad of losses of freedom that occur when you are trapped inside the monster of an eating disorder.

Today, hundreds of millions of Americans are celebrating Independence Day. Celebrating our many freedoms is one of the greatest privileges of living in the United States. But living with an eating disorder denies several human rights, including the basic right to live. It interferes with health, achievements, healthy and meaningful relationships, education/employment, and peace of mind. Individuals may also feel obligated to follow rules or laws that govern and "protect" their disorders. Restriction may include lack of joy, food, and socialization. Hampering conditions may include things such as negative or irrational thinking and limiting beliefs.

If you are suffering, please do not retreat and give up your rights to freedom and independence. Reach out for help now. What would living in freedom mean to you? Happy Fourth of July! Let freedom ring.

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