June 16, 2015 Marion MacDonald

Eating Disorders on the Wild Side

woodburyMirasol Executive Director Diane Ryan was featured in a June 15, 2015, interview with Lon Woodbury of Struggling Teens. In a podcast entitled "Eating Disorders on the Wild Side," Ryan describes how Mirasol uses wilderness experiences to help teens recover from eating disorders. She explains how the focus on adventure therapy evolved from discontent with teens who had been to other eating disorder treatment facilities where they weren't allowed to go outside, and how Mirasol evolved a program that combines outdoor activities with the nutritional support — including eating six times a day — required for recovery from an eating disorder.

Woodbury and Ryan concur that eating disorders and related emotional issues often result from a disconnect from the self and others, and that the outdoors can be a powerful intervention for troubled teens by plugging into a natural environment that we are hard-wired to appreciate.

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