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Having Faith

A Mirasol Client Video Testimonial

In this video testimonial, a recent alumnus of Mirasol's teen eating disorder program speaks frankly about her initial concerns, and how she overcame her fears and learned to trust her therapist, her fellow clients, her family and herself.

"I didn't really choose to come here," Faith confides. Having never been in treatment before, she was surprised to find herself in a comfortable, home-like environment. And while she was initially very wary of her fellow clients, she was ultimately inspired by their successes.

"I was very self-conscious, but they didn't really care that I was struggling, because they knew what it felt like," says Faith. "It was very inspirational, because at the the time, I didn't care. I didn't want to do anything to help myself, but I saw others achieve being happy, and living life. It took me a while to realize I could be happy like them."

Experiential activities helped Faith discover that there were ways to exercise that weren't just about burning calories.

"I'd never been hiking before, and it was such an amazing experience. I grew bigger relationships and had a stronger bond with the girls that were here. Seeing them achieve so much and go through so much with me was just amazing."

It wasn't easy, but Faith learned to trust her therapist, and Mirasol's family program helped her open up to her family.

"I felt comfortable with my family, and I told them things I had never told them before. It was scary! I thought it would change the way they thought about me, but it didn't, because I had people here supporting me when I opened up, says Faith. "If I wouldn't have come here, and gone through this experience, my family would probably be normal, but we wouldn't be that happy."

Faith closes with a beautiful poem she wrote about her passion for living.

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