August 30, 2016

Maria's Worlds

When Mirasol clients reach the end of their treatment program, we all share in a closing ceremony to celebrate the transition. The ceremonies can take many different forms, including dance or artwork that symbolizes what the client is ending and beginning when he or she goes home. Maria loves basketball, so for her closing ceremony, she created some very special works of art, including two basketballs that represent her worlds before and after treatment.

MariaThe old universe is deflated and covered with words that describe her state of mind when she came to Mirasol: complicated, anxious, isolated, numb, scared, lost, confused, hopeless, overwhelmed.

Maria chose these words to describe her new world: peace, connection, happy, blessings, coping skills, self-love, self-care, mindful, motivation, open, understanding, grateful, balanced.

Maria says creating these works for her closing ceremony made her realizes how much she has grown.

"When I first came here, I was like 'I only need to be here a week, I'm fine, I don't have any problems.' And then I opened up, and realized that I had some things to work on. And now that I've gone through it, I realize that being here actually did change me into a better person. And I realize that I wasn't fine, and that I needed that hope to be okay. I've learned a lot about myself, and that helps me feel okay, and I know that feeling okay feels better than how I felt."

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