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June 13, 2011 by Jeanne Rust

Regaining a Life

Letters such as this one from a former client are an inspiration to both staff and clients at Mirasol:

Dear Jeanne,

I am a former Mirasol client from back in 2007. After a lifetime of sickness with an extreme case of anorexia, I finally found a treatment center that not only worked for me, but gave me my life back and allowed me to flourish since I left four years ago. In those four years I have earned my master's degree in advanced practice nursing and am now a family nurse practitioner.

Words cannot adequately express how much my time and experience at Mirasol meant to me, and there has not been a day that has gone by since I left where I haven't thought about it. Not only was it the beginning of my recovery and healing journey, but it introduced me to the world of holistic and alternative medicine, reignited my interest in health care, and was the inspiration for my application to nurse practitioner programs.

I felt accepted, understood, nurtured, and most of all LOVED by the people I encountered at Mirasol, and that is why I was able to heal there. I firmly believe that everything I've been through with my eating disorder has been for a reason, and has led me to a path of wanting to give back what was so generously given to me. No matter where I end up working I know that I will carry my Mirasol experience with me forever, and it will always be there guiding my approach to patient care.

All my love to you,

J. S.

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