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October 19, 2007 by Jeanne Rust

Relapse Prevention

I truly believe that as professionals we need to be working, researching, and developing new ways of treating eating disorders which are (as you all know) extremely complex conditions.

I personally am working on relapse prevention.  In my mind, there has not been enough investigation and research done on helping people when they leave treatment.  For me, I feel a moral duty to provide as much in the way of continuing care as we can.  After all our patients have taken a significant amount of time out of their lives and certainly spent a lot of money to be able to heal!

I've heard some clinicians say that by doing this we're making the clients dependent on the treatment center.  Not so — we gradually help the client transition to support systems in her community — providing her with the strong support she needs when she goes home and becomes integrated back into her community.

I would be thrilled if those of you who read this would be willing to give me suggestions of things that helped you or might have helped you when you went home!

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