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May 7, 2018

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Why Summer is the Best Time to Seek Treatment for an Eating Disorder

Before you head out to summer camp, a family vacation, or to walk the Camino de Santiago — take a moment. When summer's over and you're back in school, who do you want to be? Still struggling with the same old cycle of binging/purging/restricting? Or would you rather be a pilgrim on the road to lasting recovery?

It might seem like the waste of a well-earned vacation, but summer is actually a great time to seek treatment for an eating disorder. For one thing, life slows down. You're either off for the summer, or perhaps just taking a lighter course load. You have time — and so does your chosen treatment center! Most rehab facilities are less busy in the summer, so you may be able to get into treatment right away instead of waiting weeks or months for an opening.

But most importantly, the skills you learn in treatment will enable you to return to class in the fall far better equipped to cope with the inevitable stress of juggling school, side gigs, your family and maybe even a social life!

Many treatment centers have pools or walking paths on site, and some may offer a variety of recreational activities including (Mirasol!) hiking, camping, caving and backpacking. You'll be able to take an occasional break from therapy to relax, explore new activities and try out the skills you are learning in treatment.

And plus — as you know — there's no such thing as the perfect time for treatment. There will always be a million reasons to postpone getting the help you need. Why not make this the best summer ever — the summer you recover from your eating disorder? Call Mirasol today at 888-520-1700 to learn about our flexible full- and part-time programs to help you launch your recovery.

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