December 3, 2015 Diane Ryan

A Special Thanksgiving

Mirasol clients serve breakfast Thanksgiving breakfast at a homeless shelter

ThanksgivingWe had food, and a plan, and a group of client and staff volunteers before dawn on Thanksgiving morning. Our task was to provide breakfast for 80-100 men at Primavera, a homeless shelter here in Tucson. We brought sausages, hash browns and coffee, and planned to scramble eggs in the big, industrial kitchen. We had cleverly brought pre-cracked, pre-mixed eggs in cartons to speed the process. Unfortunately — there goes the plan — we were 150 eggs short. A quick trip to the store solved the problem, and we had plenty of staff to crack and stir.

The Primavera staff was wonderful, and once the food was ready, it was served within minutes. Our crew ate afterwards — more quickly than usual, since we needed to prepare for our regular Thanksgiving meal.

I can't imagine a better way to begin a holiday focused on gratitude and inclusion. Thanks to the men at Primvera, the staff, and everyone at Mirasol who woke up so early and gave so generously.

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