June 16, 2015 Diane Ryan

Trauma Conference was Informative, Inspiring and Reassuring

Trauma Conference LogoPrimary trauma therapist Ann Twilley and I spent an enjoyable and informative two days at the 26th Annual International Trauma Conference in Boston.

Organized and keynoted by Bessel van der Kolk, presenters and attendees included many luminaries in the field. Both researchers and practitioners advocated for increased broad-based financial support for research in the treatment of PTSD and attachment disorders with neurological interventions, particularly neurofeedback. I was delighted to have an opportunity to speak with Dr. van der Kolk about Mirasol's long-standing commitment to the use of qEEG and neurofeedback protocols for all clients.

Among the highlights for me was a presentation by Arietta Slade on the results of her research initiative, "Minding the Baby." Slade's program provides two years of support including therapeutic intervention and education for expectant mothers and their babies who are at risk for attachment challenges. Preliminary results indicate that such programs can help break the cycle of attachment disorders that could otherwise produce life-long consequences.

The use of neurofeedback, based on an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the role the nervous system plays in trauma, was woven throughout the conference workshops. Sebern Fisher, PhD, referred to the power of neurofeedback as effectively reconnecting the individual with the "good-enough mother."

The second day's workshops included a presentation on the use of energy medicine in the treatment of trauma. This provided an additional complement of tools as we address issues of helplessness and emotional dysregulation and empower our clients to master their neurological responses and therefore their impact on recovery.

All in all, the conference was informative, inspiring and reassuring. As the field expands and integrates neurological research findings into the best practices in the treatment of trauma, Mirasol will continue its commitment to providing a treatment experience that is solidly evidence-based, highly individualized, proven effective and always on the leading edge.

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