Panel Discussion with Mirasol Clinicians

Much has been written about a spike in eating disorders among middle-aged and older women, but there's very little information on their prospects for recovery. A group of Mirasol clinicians got together to compare notes on their experiences with older clients. What prompts someone to finally seek treatment after decades of illness? Is it a reaction to other profound life changes, like children leaving home or the end of a marriage? Is it a gift to oneself in retirement? What are the special challenges for older women in eating disorder treatment? How do you feel about a 20-something telling you when to eat or go to bed? What are the odds of recovering from behaviors that have been part of your identity for 20, 30, 40 years or more? Can the older eating disorder client overcome the odds with superior motivation, resiliency and a stronger sense of self?

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    "Kick Your Eating Disorder's Butt!"

    We received an incredible letter from a 15-year-old describing her descent into anorexia, and her recovery at Mirasol. This very courageous young woman and her family have generously allowed us to reprint her letter in the hope that it will inspire other struggling teens to "Kick Your Eating Disorder's Butt".

    Miryam's Story

    Welcome, Dr. Thanki!

    Mirasol's new Medical Director is a naturopathic physician who is passionate about natural healing. Dr. Thanki applies ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to release the underlying causes of contemporary symptoms and dis-ease and reset an individual's level of well-being to experience vitality.

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    Mirasol Clients Give Back

    Mirasol's mission is to broaden our clients' capacity for insight and positive change. One of the ways we do this is by volunteering at Ben's Bells, a community-wide art therapy project that promotes kindness through the creation and distribution of handmade clay bells.

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Mirasol's New PHP Residence

Mirasol's Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is moving to larger quarters to accommodate the growing popularity of our day treatment program.

We love this home's open floor plan, super-sized modern kitchen-dining area, hardwood floors and walled courtyard (just begging for a desert garden!). The new residence provides a comfortable balance between common areas for entertainment, cooking, dining and conversation, and individual private spaces where clients can reflect and meditate on their new-found recovery. The house is centrally located, within walking distance of our other residence and public transportation.

For more information about our PHP program, call our Admissions Coordinator at 888.520.1700 or visit Mirasol website.

Upcoming Events

Mirasol Executive Director Diane Ryan and Adult Clinical Director Maeve Shaughnessy will be presenting at two upcoming conferences:

2015 Wilderness Therapy Symposium

August 27-29, Park City, Utah

The Triumphs and Challenges of Eating Disorder Clients in the Wilderness will explore the special challenges and rewards of incorporating wilderness experiences in eating disorder treatment. Participants will have the opportunity to experience these activities from the client's perspective, and process the emotional impact of their connection to nature during the wilderness experience.

Association for Experiential Education Annual Conferences

October 22-25, Portland, Oregon

Disentangling Eating Disorders: Using the Spider Web and Psychodrama to Jump Start Recovery, an interactive workshop illustrating the use of experiential activities and psychodrama in the treatment of eating disorders and other emotional challenges with a body image component.