The holidays are supposed to be the most joyful time of the year, but they bring with them a long list of unrealistic expectations that create a lot of stress and anxiety, especially for anyone who suffers from an eating disorder. Mirasol staff members met to share their thoughts on healthy ways to celebrate the holidays. We found out that successful strategies run the gamut from diving in head first, to head-long flight! In between are many helpful suggestions for minimizing the stress and maximizing the joy of the holidays, however you choose to spend them.

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The Best Present: The Neurobiology of Giving

As it turns out, what every six-year-old knows about the holidays turns out to be true: when it comes to the meaning of Christmas, it IS all about the presents. Or, at least about the giving. Numerous longitudinal studies provide compelling evidence that acts of giving, of kindness and generosity improve physical and emotional health across the lifespan.

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Having Faith: Video Testimonial

"I didn't really choose to come here," Faith confides. Having never been in treatment before, she was initially very wary of her fellow clients, she was ultimately inspired by their successes.

"I saw others achieve being happy, and living life. It took me a while to realize I could be happy like them."

It wasn't easy, but Faith learned to trust her therapist, and Mirasol's family program helped her open up to her family.

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A Special Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving morning, Mirasol clients and staff served breakfast for 80-100 men at a homeless shelter in Tucson. What a great way to begin a holiday focused on gratitude and inclusion!

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