The Resilience Issue

An Interview with Mirasol Clinical Director Tanya Lauer

Tanya Lauer recently joined Mirasol's professional staff as Clinical Director of our adult residential eating disorder treatment program. She comes with an extensive background in the treatment of eating disorders and co-occurring conditions, and her focus is trauma, resilience and the importance of the mind-body connection in the healing process.
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A New Approach to the Treatment of Imposter Syndrome

"CAVER" stands for "compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, empowerment and resilience."  It's a new model for the treatment of Imposter Syndrome, a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud". 
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Recovery After Relapse

Katie Klein, Mirasol's Director of Admissions and Utilization Review, was one of the presenters at AEE ActivatEE 2018, a platform designed by the Association for Experiential Education for its members and conference attendees during the International Conference. Katie spoke about her voyage from recovery to relapse and back again. In Katie's words, "The experience of having my ego crushed and, as an eating disorder professional, enter into treatment for a relapse from my eating disorder, was the single most humbling act I have ever experienced. Finally the desire for freedom became greater than the fear and the shame."
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The Adventure Continues

Adventure therapy can play an important role in the development of resilience, creating unusual, physically and emotionally challenging circumstances that stimulate problem-solving and coping strategies. Mirasol clients pushed the boundaries this fall with a thrilling assortment of hiking, camping, caving and backpacking adventures.  Here are just a few of our photos from the Gila Wilderness, the Dragoon Mountains and the Santa Catalina Mountains.
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