NEDAwareness Week – February 21-27

Straight Talk on Body Image: A Mirasol Panel Discussion


Development of a more positive body image is often used as a yardstick for eating disorder recovery, but it's one of the most difficult issues to address in treatment. In honor of Valentine's Day, Mirasol staff got together to discuss the challenges of body dissatisfaction. Can you really improve your body image by gazing into a mirror, or shouting from the hilltops that you love yourself just the way you are? Probably not. But working through the feelings that come up when you do may help you uncover more important issues.

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Art Therapy: Challenging the Inner Critic

Rachel Nelson

By Marion MacDonald

There's a great little coffee shop just around the corner from Mirasol's business office. I stopped in last week for my usual pre-meeting cappuccino and was admiring the latest art exhibit when I suddenly realized it was the work of Mirasol's own Rachel Nelson!

Rachel is an art therapist at Mirasol, and her artwork is on display through the month of February at Tucson Coffee Roasters at the corner of Camp Lowell and Swan in Tucson.

Of course we all know Rachel is an artist, but for many of us, it was the first time we had seen any of her work.

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Upcoming Events

NEDAwareness Week

February 21 - 27

Phoenix NEDA Walk

6:00 - 9:00 am Sunday, March 6
Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, AZ

On Sunday, March 6th, Mirasol staff will journey up to Phoenix to take part in the annual NEDA walk at the Phoenix Zoo.

The National Eating Disorders Association organizes NEDA Walks to support critical programs and services that work to eliminate eating disorders and improve prevention, treatment, and research.

Mirasol is also a participating sponsor of the event and will have a table with information on our multiple eating disorder programs for both adults and teens. Come by, and say "hello" and help us support the fight against eating disorders!

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"Healing the Spirit Within": ASGPP Annual Conference

March 31 - April 3, 2016
Sheraton Crescent, Phoenix, AZ

The American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychdrama (ASGPP) annual conference offers workshops for social workers, psychologists, nurses, art therapists and other healthcare providers designed to help them integrate psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy into their clinical work.

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February Hike-A-Thon

Spring arrived with a bang in Tucson this year, and we celebrated with three daily hikes, one for each unit.

Brown Mountain Hike in the Tucson Mountains with Mirasol Teens

Hike to Bridal Wreath Falls in the Rincons with Mirasol's Adult Clients

Crossing the Creek in Sabino Canyon with Mirasol's PHP Clients

Men Experience Eating Disorders Too!

By Katie Klein

Men get eating disorders too!

"Eating disorders are a girl's disease."

Those words came directly from one of the male clients who admitted to Mirasol. He was starving himself and binging and purging on a daily basis in an effort to look like the men he saw in magazines.He was full of shame and self-loathing, especially for being a guy with an eating disorder. People around him exhibited a lack of understanding about the prevalence of eating disorders in boys and men, contributing to this young man's suffering in silence.

The truth is that while 20 million women experience eating disorders, 10 million males do as well. Men have been stigmatized in recent years for coming forward, and others may be unaware that they have an eating disorder.

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