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The first step to achieving emotional regulation is to recognize, and become aware of, how your nervous system is impacted by both your internal and external worlds.The nervous system responds to authenticity and care like any other sentient being. You are with your body 24/7 — who better to provide it with compassionate attention?
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"It's not about the food"
KGUN9 profiles Mirasol's teen eating disorder recovery program
As part of a series on teen addictions in southern Arizona, KGUN9 reporter Taja Davis visited Mirasol's adolescent residential eating disorder treatment program to look into how eating disorders are treated and what role the "diet culture" plays.
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The myth of perfect recovery
A perfect recovery is never about being perfect. An occasional slip or relapse is part of the process of recovering from an eating disorder.
Bust the Myth
The plate-by-plate approach
The plate-by-plate method helps families normalize their children's eating without weighing, measuring or counting.
Simplify Mealtime
Mirasol is Arizona's premier provider of integrative treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and co-occuring disorders. We offer an alternative approach to eating disorder recovery incorporating the principles of holistic healing and based on profound respect for the individual.
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