Partial Hospitalization (PHP): Myths, Misconceptions and the Mirasol Alternative

If you've ever considered residential eating disorder treatment, your dietitian or therapist may have recommended something called "PHP" or "partial hospitalization".

Mirasol, like many other treatment centers, offers a "partial hospitalization" program, but the name is misleading, and there are a lot of misconceptions about the nature and purpose of the program.

For starters, "partial hospitalization" doesn't mean you'll spend part of the time in a hospital. On the contrary, you'll be living in a comfortable residence with other Mirasol clients!

More PHP Myths

Changing the Brain: Neuroplasticity and Eating Disorder Recovery

By Diane Ryan, Executive Director

New research in the field of neuroplasticity demonstrates that the brain continues to form new neural connections throughout life in response to changes in our feelings, thoughts and experiences. The findings have enormous implications for behavioral health.

As we engage in habitual behaviors, neural pathways become entrenched, increasing the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated. But the plasticity of the brain means we can retrain the brain to develop new neural pathways that support recovery.

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A Tale of Two Teens

Two recent graduates from Mirasol's teen residential eating disorder treatment program reflect on what worked for them, most importantly the strong relationships they built with other clients and staff.


Ayla's Finale

It's an all-too-familiar story: a brilliant young dancer upstaged by an eating disorder. When Ayla's illness forced her to drop out of ballet school, she fell into a depression, and her therapist recommended residential treatment.

Ayla came to Mirasol "kicking and screaming", and built her recovery based on powerful friendships and her passion for dance.

Ayla's Finale

Tori's Story

"The therapists here and all of the staff members are very, very caring. You can tell that they really love you and they really want the best for you."

"I'm looking forward to seeing my family and showing them how amazing I'm doing. I want to prove to them that I'm a much stronger person now and I'm going to kick butt in my recovery."

Tori's Story

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Association for Experiential Education Annual Conferences

October 22-25, Portland, Oregon

Mirasol Executive Director Diane Ryan and Adult Clinical Director Maeve Shaughnessy will present Disentangling Eating Disorders: Using the Spider Web and Psychodrama to Jump Start Recovery, an interactive workshop illustrating the use of experiential activities and psychodrama in the treatment of eating disorders and other emotional challenges with a body image component.