Mirasol Shifts Focus from Teen to Expanded PHP

Sometimes moving forward means making painful choices. At the end of August, Mirasol reluctantly closed its adolescent residential eating disorder treatment program in order to focus on the expansion of its PHP Partial Hospitalization Program.

The teen program was fantastic — just listen to our recent teen graduates describe the program, and see if it doesn't break your heart the way it does ours! But we know parents like to keep their young ones close to home during treatment, and the Tucson market may not be big enough to keep the beds full at Mirasol Teen.

PHP — short for "partial hospitalization" — offers a balance of intensive therapy with free time to study, work, volunteer in the community, or attend off-site meetings. Insurance companies prefer it because it's less expensive, but many clients who need a higher level of care may be forced into PHP because that's all their insurance will cover.

"The way that insurance companies are moving is to more readily authorize payment for the PHP level of care rather the residential level of care, so there's more demand for PHP," says PHP Clinical Director Katie Klein. "By expanding our PHP program, we are aiming to bridge the gap between the level of care that clients need, and what insurance will cover."

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Summer Camping Trip in the Catalina Mountains!

By Sharon Davis, NCC - DBT Therapist

Among the many unique elements of Mirasol's approach to treatment are the frequent outdoor adventures. Last week, staff members and clients from the adult residential and PHP programs spent three days and two nights exploring the wilderness high on Mount Lemmon, a short drive north of Tucson.

On our hikes, we explored a physical wilderness filled with thick pine forests, breathtaking views, steep mountainsides, and glimpses of wildlife. Recent monsoons created a lush forest filled with a variety of colorful plant life. Several clients expressed feeling a greater connection to themselves and what they want from recovery, while others voiced a feeling of safety and peace while in nature.

Back at camp, clients had the opportunity to explore their internal wildernesses through team building and therapeutic activities. Both clients and staff crafted magic brooms to sweep away aspects of their lives that they were ready to leave, and then transformed them into magic wands that symbolized bringing in new, healthy aspects of life.

There were challenges along the way. The woods were full of triggers. Some clients had never been camping before, and others had negative associations from previous experiences. While uncomfortable, these challenges gave clients opportunities to practice using tools.

Our wilderness experience provided clients with new growth opportunities. Through their adventures and exploration, they gained new insights and awarenesses. They worked through challenges. We're all looking forward to fall, cooler weather and our next therapeutic adventure!

Audrey in her element.
Sunset Trail.
Aspen Draw Trail.
Lunch at 9125 feet!

See You at NEDA!

Mirasol is exhibiting at the 2016 Conference of the National Eating Disorder Association, September 29 - October 1 in Chicago. Executive Director Diane Ryan will be representing Mirasol along with PHP Clinical Director Katie Klein. Be sure to stop by and say "hello". You'll find us in booth #54!

A New Look for Mirasol's Adult Residential Program

Mirasol's adult residence is getting a facelift this summer. While we were camping, our maintenance crew was busy installing new bathroom fixtures and new wood flooring and repainting the walls with bright, fresh Southwestern colors. Mirasol founder and CEO Jeanne Rust has been on site supervising the work and applying the finishing touches with new furniture and decorator fabrics.