NEW! Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescents
Mirasol now offers intensive gender-inclusive outpatient treatment for adolescents ages 12 to 17. Like all of Mirasol's eating disorder recovery programs, our teen IOP is small, and specializes in providing treatment based on individual client needs, goals, interests and abilities. Mirasol's teen IOP uses an integrative approach that combines individual psychological counseling, family therapy and process groups with alternative therapies proven effective in the treatment of chronic stress-related conditions.
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Redefining the "Three Rs" in Recovery

For an anxiety cocktail, combine the stress of an eating disorder with fear of falling behind in school. Given the co-occurrence of perfectionism and eating disorders, it's hardly surprising that teens and their families agonize over the possible academic and career consequences of dropping out of school to go into rehab. But if you're weighing the pluses and minuses of eating disorder treatment, Mirasol Teen's tutor, Bill Thorpe, has some words of advice for you.
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Safe Place
Remember the joy of a big box when you were a kid? When some furniture was delivered to our teen residence, one of our the clients asked if she could have the box. And then she and her fellow residents built this fantastic "safe place". "Everyone is welcome," they explained. And there's a rainbow inside!
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