Twenty Years Later, Small is Still Beautiful
An Interview with Jeanne Rust, Mirasol Found and CEO

It was 20 years ago this month that Jeanne Rust spun up a residential eating disorder treatment program based on her private practice and a successful website. Mirasol began as a 15-day program, incorporating alternative therapies that were regarded as quackery at the time, but today are well-established interventions and part of the "gold standard" of treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and co-occurring conditions.

Rust launched the program with an initial investment of just $5000 and a short-term rental at another treatment facility. Against all odds, Mirasol thrived, and two decades later, it is one of the few internationally-recognized eating disorder treatment centers to resist the trend toward corporate ownership.

In this video interview, Jeanne Rust reflects on the early history of Mirasol, and why she decided there was a need for treatment that offered more than just "cognitive behavioral therapy and nutrition education with a horse thrown in." These days, nearly all rehabilitation facilities describe themselves as "integrative", but Jeanne reveals the one thing that still sets Mirasol apart.

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Learning to Live on "Horse Time"
By Sierra Ohrel

Horses have many qualities that we experience as humans. As prey animals, horses are acutely aware of their environment and react quickly to perceived danger with flight, fight, and freeze responses. They respond honestly, directly and without judgment to human emotions and energy.

Through gentle grooming, leading and interaction with the horse — sometimes accompanied by meditation, yoga or art — clients practice empathy, assertive communication and emotional regulation.

Building trust with the grace, power, and honesty of the horse can provide a bridge for healing that may be more effective than verbal communication for clients who struggle with "talk therapy".

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Wading for Recovery

Mirasol's adult residential and PHP clients have just returned from our annual camping trip to New Mexico's Gila Wilderness.  After an unusually hot and dry summer -- even by Tucson standards -- the rushing rivers and lush vegetation of the Gila Range were salve for the soul! We soaked in natural hot springs, helped each cross swift-moving streams, and climbed a steep and rocky trail to 700-year-old Mogollon cliff dwellings.  There were lots of opportunities to stay engaged, practice our skills, learn that we are stronger than know, and most of all, be awed and renewed by the beauty of nature all around us.
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