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Mirasol's Eating Disorder Professionals

Jeanne Rust, PhD, LPC

Dr. Jeanne Rust

CEO and Founder

Jeanne specializes in eating disorders and is an expert in the treatment of adult trauma. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School, a Master's Degree in Counseling, and a Bachelor's degree from Northwestern University. Jeanne is licensed by the State of Arizona as a Professional Counselor. She has received comprehensive training in Gestalt and other expressive therapies, as well as Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and she is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Jeanne was a therapist in private practice for many years before founding Mirasol. She has worked with the University of Arizona athletic department to meet the therapeutic needs of athletes with eating disorders, has taught courses at the university level, and provides training and education for health care professionals in her areas of expertise.

Diane Ryan, LPC, MA, CPT

Diane Ryan

Executive Director

Diane Ryan received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her Master's in Counseling and Psychology with a specialty certification in Adventure-Based Psychotherapy. She is trained in experiential methods including psychodrama, expressive arts and challenge course activities, and is passionate about accessing the power of outdoor and wilderness experiences as healing modalities. She currently serves as a member of an international consortium evaluating current research on exercise and eating disorders. She also continues to explore the impact of wilderness interventions as measured by changes in brain wave patterns.

Maeve Shaughnessy, MS, LPC

Maeve Shaughnessy

Clinical Director, Adult Program

Maeve completed her BA in Sociology at the University of Arizona and her Masters in Community Counseling at the University of Phoenix. Maeve is a Mirasol veteran with previous experience as a Counseling Assistant, Aftercare Coordinator, and Primary Therapist. She returned to Mirasol after three years as a primary therapist for H.O.P.E. Counseling Services in Las Vegas and as a Patient Care Assistant and Mental Health Counselor for Eating Recovery Center in Colorado. Maeve enjoys the camping trips, hiking, and challenge course activities that Mirasol offers and fully believes these programs enhance the process of recovery.

Stephen Remolina, MD

Director of Psychiatric Services

Dr. Remolina graduated medical school in 2006. He completed two years of child and adolescent psychiatric fellowship training at the University of Arizona, and received four years of adult psychiatric training at Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital-Creedmoor Psychiatric Residency program, New York. Dr. Remolina emphasizes a collaborative approach to treatment. He treats the full range of adult, child, and adolescent psychiatric disorders and has special interests in psychopharmacology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. He feels it is important to understand the environmental and social context of an individual's illness, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

Nancy Hunter, FNP-C

Mariah Hunter

Medical Director

Nancy Hunter has been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Seattle University, she went on to earn a Master of Science in Nursing from University of Phoenix in 2011. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and licensed by the State of Arizona. She enjoys working with clients of all ages, having practiced in many areas of healthcare including medical-surgical nursing, rehabilitation, and family practice. She believes in providing respect, active listening, and well-honed clinical skills to help clients restore and maintain their health and enjoyment of life. She practices with deep respect for traditional healing methods as well as the best aspects of modern medicine.

Katie Klein, MS, LASAC

Katie Klein

Director of Admissions and Utilization Review

With a background in broadcast journalism, Katie worked as a news anchor and reporter. Realizing she wanted to help people in a more fulfilling way, Katie pursued a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Her specialty is working with clients who are struggling with both an eating disorder and chemical dependency issues. She is also passionate about family work, and believes the family can play an important role in a client's restoration to wellness. Katie loves to use the outdoors as her office and is always ready to hike, camp, or go caving with the clients; she believes that experiential therapies and a holistic framework are key to the healing process.

Jamelynn Evans, LICSW, CADC-II

Jamelynn Evans

Trauma Therapist

Jamelynn received her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology and her Master's Degree in Social Work from Arizona State University. She is a licensed social worker (currently seeking reciprocity in Arizona), a certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor, a certified yoga instructor, and certified ACSM Health Fitness Instructor.

With a passion for wellness, and a wholehearted belief in a holistic approach to healing, Jamelynn seeks to incorporate such topics as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breath work, movement, and spirituality.

Jamelynn believes that often disease comes from living on a path that does not support the soul's purpose. She believes our gifts may be in perfect alignment with our fears, suggesting that we move through our fears to reach our gifts. Many old belief patterns can keep us stuck and can continue to feed the fears that block us from forward movement along the healing journey.

Jamelynn's intention as a therapist is to offer a space where clients can find safety, patience, empathy, curiousity, compassion, encouragement and support for moving through the healing process.

Cathleen Mallette, MS, LAC

Cathleen Mallette

Primary Therapist

Cathleen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who received her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Substance Abuse from Antioch University New England. Cathleen has worked with a wide range of clients from children to elderly adults. She has experience working with individuals, groups, and families in a variety of settings including homes, schools, and both inpatient and outpatient clinics.

She has helped clients in a variety of areas including developing coping skills, anxiety, depression, building self-esteem, anger management, substance abuse, relationship counseling, as well as individuals with developmental disabilities. She has experience working with children struggling with behavioral and emotional regulation as well as truancy. Cathleen has spent the last two years working in a women's only gender-specific IOP for trauma and PTSD. She is interested in expanding her clinical experience through EMDR certification and eating disorders.

Cathleen has a client-centered approach and meets her clients where they are. She believes that therapy is about personal development and growth towards becoming "the best you, you can be". Cathleen loves meeting new people, hearing their stories, and supporting them along their journey of self-discovery.

In her personal life, Cathleen enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, and being outdoors.

Sharon Davis, NCC

Sharon Davis

DBT Therapist

Sharon earned her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mississippi State University. She spent several years as a public school teacher before becoming a therapist, and it was through her experiences that she recognized her passion for the helping profession. Sharon enjoys leading Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups and helping client learn new coping skills. As a therapist, Sharon's intention is to hold a safe and empathetic safe where clients can explore themselves and grow.

Don Hurst, MS

Don Hurst

Primary Therapist

Don was born in the Midwest and moved to Tucson while still in elementary school. He lives here with his wife and two kids. He has a Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Don is very drawn to the holistic care offered at Mirasol. He enjoys being able to explore and utilize the mind-body-spirit connection as he continues his work at this incredible facility. His intention as a therapist at Mirasol is to provide guidance, support, and the space necessary for the clients to overcome personal obstacles and negative beliefs. He strives to help clients break free of old patterns and achieve a healthy, new beginning.

Susan Love, MS

Susan Love

Primary Therapist

Originally from Mississippi, Susan did her undergraduate work in Psychology at the University of Mississippi and earned a Master of Science in Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University. Personal experience with aromatherapy piqued her interest in alternative medicine, and she was drawn to Mirasol because of its focus on holistic healing and the combination of alternative therapies and evidence-based therapies. She completed an internship at Mirasol in 2017 and then hired on as a primary therapist.

"I didn't have any prior experience with eating disorders," Susan recalls, "and at first it seemed like it would be very limiting. But I discovered that eating disorders cover the entire spectrum of psychological disorders, from trauma and substance abuse to depression and anxiety. Working with this population has become a very strong passion for me."

Meghan Gilliland, LMSW

Susan Love

Primary Therapist

Meghan is a Tucson native who received her BA in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona in 2005 and her MSW from Arizona State in 2010. She has specialized in counseling survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and childhood sexual abuse, and has a strong interest in working with individuals who have a history of trauma. Meghan's approach is to help empower clients to reach their treatment goals by providing the information, support and resources for clients to move beyond trauma. She chose to work at Mirasol because she believes in the integrated approach to treatment.

"I appreciate that Mirasol works to heal a client's mind, body, and spirit," she says, "and I enjoy working on a multidisciplinary team with so much shared expertise. As someone who loves spending time in the outdoors, I also appreciate the experiential opportunities that Mirasol provides."

Lauren Flores, RD



Lauren received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics with a minor in Public Health from the University of Delaware. Upon graduation, she was matched to Tulane University's Dietetic Internship in New Orleans, allowing her to complete the competencies and rotations necessary to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Lauren then began her career working in the clinical setting at a hospital in Honolulu. She later relocated to Tucson and was attracted to Mirasol's approach of incorporating all foods into a balanced, recovery-focused lifestyle. Lauren enjoys working with clients primarily at our Adult Residential Unit and Adult Outpatient Program. She is currently continuing her education to become a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian to best support Mirasol's clients in their treatment and recovery.

Ilene Yalen, RD



[Profile in Progress]

David Graf, RN

David Graf

Nursing Supervisor

After over 40 years of working in mental health, I have finally come to a place where I can practice what I truly believe of our human existence; that we are body, mind and spirit, all seeking harmony within ourselves. When we are in balance, all is well. When there is disease in one sphere of us, the entire person suffers. Everyday we search to find the balance that will give us the harmony we seek, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of your journey to find that peace within. Thirty years of being a registered nurse has taught me how little I know about medicine, psychiatry, and all the sciences of modern health. It has also given me the opportunity to learn so much about the experience of being human and it is that wisdom I try to bring to work with me every day.

Candice Clark, RN

Candice Clark

Registered Nurse

Candice received her MS in Nursing from the University of Arizona and began her nursing career in acute care neurology at Tucson Medical Center. Working with patients who had suffered stroke, seizure and other nervous system disorders led her to appreciate the complexity of the brain, and especially its ability to positively adapt and regain function, even after serious injury. She is very interested in applying the study of neurosciences to the field of mental health and helping people to make meaningful changes in their lives. Candice also studied at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and is very passionate about the transformative power of natural and alternative healthcare. She also loves a conversation about a good book and being out in nature with her dog.

Brittany Briley, RN

Brittany Briley

Registered Nurse

Brittany has been a Registered Nurse for 10 years and has spent most of her nursing career working acute care Trauma, Orthopedics and Women's Health. Brittany is passionate about nursing and is honored to serve people with a very mindful holistic approach. She loves working at Mirasol because of the heart connection with each client and the opportunity to provide a safe and sacred medical space in the Mirasol community. Brittany loves Tucson and when she's not working she's finding ways to connect the wider community through Circus Arts in downtown Tucson.

Amber Maciejczyk, RN

Registered Nurse

Amber started her nursing career in neuroscience at Tucson Medical Center and transitioned to psychiatric nursing at Palo Verde Behavioral Health. She came to Mirasol because she wants to be able to heal the whole patient: body, mind and soul.

Mayra Villalobos, BA, RYT-200

Mayra Villalobos

Body Integration Practitioner

Mayra grew up in Tucson and received her BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona. From early on in her life she knew she wanted to assist others on their road to recovery. She began her work as a counselor assistant at Mirasol in 2012. To further enhance her understanding of the mind-body connection, Mayra completed her RYT-200 yoga teacher certification. In her work at Mirasol, Mayra has witnessed the incredible power of integrative healing and the impact mindfulness has on individuals. Mayra assists clients in finding a more calm and centered state using body-centered therapies, and enjoys being able to help clients connect movement with breath through yoga. Mayra is grateful for Mirasol's philosophy, and is excited to help individuals on their road to recovery.

Dominique Krebs, RN

Registered Nurse

[Profile in Progress]

Jessica Chavez, MSW

Jessica Chavez

Aftercare Specialist

Jessica earned her Masters in Social Work from New Mexico State University. She has been honored to work with individuals in diverse settings, ranging from schools to community and home environments.

Jessica is passionate about the holistic approach to treatment and a strong advocate for the mind-body-spirit healing.

As the aftercare specialist, Jessica applies strength-based approaches and resourcing to assist individuals in developing support systems and personal skill building they can implement throughout their lives and in their recovery. She continually seeks innovative strategies to incorporate self-empowerment and provides a compassionate space for self-discovery.

Rachel Nelson, MS, ATR

Rachel Nelson

Art Therapist

Rachel is originally from Kansas City, MO, and completed a BS in Psychological Science and a dual Master's degree in Counseling and Art Therapy. She is a registered Art Therapist working toward Board Certification. Rachel is passionate about art therapy and creating a comfortable and nurturing space for clients to engage in the process of art-making regardless of skill levels. Art-making encourages self-expression, exploration of identity, positive body image, creative problem-solving provides a channel for emotions. The artwork brings a third relationship to the therapeutic process that can be a reflection of one's relationship with the self or with others. By paying attention to symbolism, metaphor and visual elements, one begins to learn his or her own unique visual language. Rachel is also interested in Jungian Dream Analysis and enjoys leading a dream group. Rachel finds meaning in artwork and dreams, but also in the synchronicities that we experience in everyday life. Rachel is also a local artist, devoting most of her time in the studio to painting with encaustic (beeswax and oil paint) as well as acrylic/mixed media and photography. Rachel feels that engaging the creative process is a powerful tool for recovery in a multitude of ways including its mirror-like quality to the complexities and pervasiveness that makes up an eating disorder.

Gabrielle Rubin, L.Ac

Gabrielle Rubin


Gabrielle Rubin received her Masters Degree in acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2004. She specializes in a very gentle, Japanese style of acupuncture, which uses fine needles to help to balance and restore the body's energy or qi (chi). Gabrielle addresses eating disorders by helping to bring the body back into its natural rhythm. Acupuncture treatment can calm anxiety, support digestion, and reset the nervous system, thus allowing for the body's natural functions to return. Gabrielle is also certified in NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), an auricular acupuncture treatment designed specifically for the process of working through trauma and addiction. Along with being a mother and a musician, Gabrielle holds a BFA in painting and video from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Alison Pearson, MA, RPP

Alison Pearson

Polarity and Cranialsacral Therapy

Alison Pearson has been the Polarity Therapist at Mirasol since January 2004. She received a Master's Degree in Sociology, specializing in Gender and Social Psychology, from the University of Arizona in 1991. She completed a Polarity Therapy Certification Program in 1997, and in 2007, she completed a Cranialsacral Therapy Certification program. More recently, she trained to be a TRE Facilitator. Alison has a strong commitment to energy medicine that predates her formal training. She spent considerable time studying breath-work techniques and loving touch to release trauma from the body. Alison is an avid student of the work of Byron Katie and uses this method of belief investigation as part of her work. Polarity Therapy defines health as a "free-flow of energy in the body", and Polarity Therapy seeks to release whatever is blocking energy flow. Blocks can be physical, emotional, or mental (beliefs). When the mind and body are integrated as a team we can be in the flow of life. Having an integrated mind/body system is essential to recovery. Polarity Therapy begins on the bodywork table, however, its principles can provide a foundation for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Kim Kellow

Kim Kellow

Spiritual Integration Practitioner

Spirituality is a key component in recovery. We know that women who have some sort of spiritual practice have a much higher rate of recovery. Whether we recognize it or not, we all have a measure of spirituality, as defined by the way we connect to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. We work on universal themes that are part of all belief systems: loving kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. It's not about changing or giving up your belief system, it's about finding ways to help it meet your needs.

Marion MacDonald, MA

Marion MacDonald

Webmaster and Wilderness Guide

Marion has worked most of her life as a graphic designer and technical writer, but when the internet came along, she transitioned to web design. An avid outdoorswoman, she has led backpacking, bicyling and cross-country skiing trips all over New England, the Maritimes, and, eventually, the Southwest in her spare time for 25 years. Marion was Mirasol's Marketing Manager from 2005-2011, and in 2015, she was invited back to manage the website and to organize hiking and backpacking trips as part of Mirasol's expanded adventure therapy program. Marion is delighted to share her love of the outdoors with Mirasol clients, and she hopes all clients leave Mirasol knowing that wilderness can be an incredible source of strength and renewal and an important part of their recovery.

Jaynie Anguiano, BA

Jaynie Anguiano

Exercise Consultant

Jaynie was born and raised in Tucson and completed her Bachelor's degree in Biological Basis of Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. From a young age, Jaynie has been interested in mental health education and awareness, and has a particular passion for mentoring people who have experienced depression and anxiety as a result of family trauma and academic pressure. Jaynie has also been a dancer for most of her life, training primarily in modern and contemporary with some ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Jaynie is also passionate about physical fitness through safe, sustainable, and fun forms of exercise, and is currently studying to be a certified personal trainer.

Jaynie was drawn to Mirasol because of its well-rounded treatment program that allows for individualized care of clients presenting with various comorbidities. Jaynie started out as a CA and greatly enjoyed supporting and getting to know clients outside of their regularly scheduled modalities. As the Exercise Consultant, Jaynie is now supporting clients by providing them with individualized exercise plans and helping them develop and/or redefine their relationship with exercise through mind-body connection and self-acceptance. Jaynie loves that her role allows her to marry her two passions and is grateful to work in such a supportive environment.

Julia Quiñonez, BS

Julia Quinonez

Counselor Assistant Supervisor

Julia completed her BA in Psychology at the University of Arizona and is currently enrolled in an Addictions and Professional Counseling Master's program at Grand Canyon University. Julia enjoys the small community size at Mirasol that allows for individualized treatment of clients. She is grateful to be part of a dynamic team that brings a unique and holistic approach to treatment, and is fascinated by the diverse modalities that are offered at Mirasol. Julia's role as a supervisor is to uphold boundaries and create a safe environment for both clients and staff. Julia loves connecting with clients, bringing in humor when appropriate, and creating a grounding and supportive environment.

Duncan Eidse

Duncan Eidse

Maintenance Manager

After studying facility management on the East Coast, Duncan arrived in sunny Arizona in October, 2005, and has been with us ever since. Born in Manitoba, Canada, Duncan lived outside of Philadelphia for 20 years, honing his handyman skills while aquiring his Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University. He is an avid golfer and sports fan, and he really enjoys working with the clients and staff at Mirasol to make it a safe and enjoyable place to be.