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Reconnect with your healthy self in the great outdoors!

Adventure-based therapy has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of substance use disorder, PTSD, depression, anxiety and co-occurring conditions. Mirasol's integrative eating disorder recovery program includes challenge courses, hiking, camping, caving and even backpacking!

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Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment

Go inside Mirasol's holistic approach to eating disorder treatment, with these videos showing alternative therapies in practice and describing the evolution of Mirasol's specialization in the treatment of eating disorders with co-occurring trauma and PTSD.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is an integral part of Mirasol's alternative eating disorder treatment program, including challenge courses, hiking, camping, caving and even backpacking! Watch videos to share the experience of some of our recent outdoor adventures!

Virtual Tours

Take a tour of our adult and teen residential eating disorder treatment facilities.

Client Testimonials

Clients in recovery reflect on their experience at Mirasol.