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PRN Medications

By Dr. Dawn Bantel, NMD

Dr. Dawn Bantel

One way that Mirasol is unique is by the selection of "PRN" medications available to our clients. In a treatment center, PRN medications are those that the client can request to use as needed. It comes from pro re nata that means "as needed" in Latin. Common PRN medications are often over the counter remedies such as Tylenol and Gas-X. We have those, but what is different is that we have a large selection of herbs, homeopathics and nutritional supplements that are available to our clients.

I have fine tuned the array of our PRN medications through the years to accommodate the specific needs of our clients. For example, many of our clients need digestive support while adjusting to their meal plans. They have access to ginger, deglycyrrhizinated licorice, aloe vera, herbal teas and homeopathic remedies. Anxiety and insomnia are common issues. We use melatonin and herbs to relax the nervous system on a daily basis. There are many supplements for our clients to sample.

Even our most skeptical clients will become believers of naturopathic medicine after experimenting and witnessing the success of our PRN medications while in treatment. My hope is that they will continue to use these effective tools to support their health long after they have completed treatment.

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