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Older Women with Eating Disorders: Is Recovery Possible?


Much has been written about a spike in eating disorders among middle-aged and older women, but there's very little information on their prospects for recovery. A group of Mirasol clinicians got together to compare notes on their experiences with older clients. What prompts someone to finally seek treatment after decades of illness? Is it a reaction to other profound life changes, like children leaving home or the end of a marriage? Is it a gift to oneself in retirement? What are the special challenges for older women in eating disorder treatment? How do you feel about a 20-something telling you when to eat or go to bed? What are the odds of recovering from behaviors that have been part of your identity for 20, 30, 40 years or more? Can the older eating disorder client overcome the odds with superior motivation, resiliency and a stronger sense of self?

older women and eating disorders

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