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Opening January 1, 2018

Photo Mirasol treatment center for teen eating disordersTeen Residence

An Integrative Eating Disorder Treatment Program for Adolescents

Mirasol's adolescent eating disorder treatment program treats the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. Our program is small — only 10 beds — which allows us to tailor our programs to individual client needs.

Upon admission, each teen receives a thorough medical, emotional, psychiatric, educational, developmental, nutritional and social assessment by Mirasol clinicians. A multidisciplinary treatment team including psychotherapists, nurses, dietitians and practitioners of alternative medicine work together to develop a treatment plan for your son or daughter based on their presenting issues and individual needs and goals. On a weekly basis, clients meet with and their treatment teams to set goals and monitor progress. Medical care is provided by a naturopathic physician, and decisions about medication are made in concert with the teen and the family.

The staff works closely with the families or primary caregivers to help the teen integrate the new behaviors and skills. They gain confidence, learn personal responsibility, recover from their eating disordered behaviors, and eventually make a smooth transition home with an intensive aftercare plan in place with the treatment team at home as well as participation in Mirasol's Focused Continuing Care for a year after treatment.

Teens participate in group therapy, which includes psycho-educational groups, process groups and daily life skills groups.

Daily life skills groups help clients learn hands-on skills that help them with everyday life. These skills include time management, cooking, menu planning, shopping, the skills they need in school, work, with family and friends. Most important are the skills in problem solving — the cognitive steps they can use to handle any situation that arises. It's Mirasol's goal to provide your teen with the skills and tools he or she needs to live successfully in the world.

The teen program combines an expansive array of outdoor activities with a strong inward-focused therapeutic program. Sports include challenge courses, hiking, camping, caving and backpacking. Weekends are structured with workshops covering a range of topics from assertiveness training to city, spirituality and art therapy.

What Our Clients Say

Having Faith

In this video testimonial, a recent alumnus of Mirasol's teen eating disorder program speaks frankly about how she overcame her fears.

Having Faith

Ayla's Finale

A brilliant young ballerina battles an eating disorder, and finds her way to recovery through strong friendships and her passion for dance.

Ayla's Finale

Tori's Story

On her last day at Mirasol's teen residence, Tori reflects on her experience, including her brief stay at another treatment facility.

Tori's Story

Need More Information?

Family Therapy – Our Family-Systems-Based treatment program includes weekly family sessions as well as a multi-day family program, when family members and friends come to Mirasol to share the experience of intensive residential treatment with their loved ones.

Mindful Eating – Mirasol's meals plans are highly individualized and designed to equip clients with the skills they need to live lives free of eating disorders.

Adventure Therapy – Our clients will develop new problem-solving and coping skills during multi-day adventures in the Sonoran Desert that include caving, and camping, complete with meals prepared by Mirasol's famous chefs!

Healthy Exercise – Break the cycle of compulsive exercise in a carefully monitored program that includes yoga, dance/movement therapy, martial arts, weights, gentle cardio and morning walks in the desert.

Focused Continuing Care – Clients begin planning for life after residential treatment the moment they arrive at Mirasol, and our program includes one full year of aftercare.

Alternative Treatment – Mirasol's residential eating disorder treatment program is designed to heal the whole person — mind, body and spirit — by combining individual and group psychotherapy with experiential therapies including naturopathic medicine, neurofeedback, art therapy, dance/movement therapy and adventure therapy.

Education Continuity – Teens who choose to continue their education while in treatment are also provided with access to schools. Mirasol works with excellent tutors who are available to supervise the students and help them with any lesson problems they may have. The student can choose to work with their own school receiving assignments and tests sent online or they might choose to work with the fully accredited online junior high or regular high school program provided by Mirasol.

Treatment Philosophy – We believe that eating disorders are the result of chronic stress or trauma, and that therapies proven effective in the treatment of other stress-related conditions can achieve transformation in individuals and, ultimately, in families and communities.

FAQS – Frequently asked questions about residential eating disorder treatment at Mirasol.

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