Pioneering Effective Alternative Eating Disorder Treatment

An Interview with Jeanne Rust, Mirasol Founder

In 1999 Jeanne Rust launched a residential eating disorder treatment program based on her private practice and a successful website. Mirasol began as a 15-day program, incorporating alternative therapies that were regarded as quackery at the time, but today are well-established interventions and part of the "gold standard" of treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and co-occurring conditions.

Rust launched the program with an initial investment of just $5000 and a short-term rental at another treatment facility. Against all odds, Mirasol thrived, and for more than two decades, it set the standard for integrative treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and co-occurring conditions.

In this video interview, Jeanne Rust reflects on the early history of Mirasol, and why she decided there was a need for treatment that offered more than just "cognitive behavioral therapy and nutrition education with a horse thrown in." These days, nearly all rehabilitation facilities describe themselves as "integrative", but Jeanne reveals the one thing that set Mirasol apart.

Mirasol closed its doors in 2021, when the Covid 19 pandemic made it impossible to provide residential treatment while maintaining the social distancing that public health required. As a public service, our website will continue to provide information and resources for both healthcare providers and individuals seeking treatment based on the Mirasol method.

Are You Concerned About Someone You Love?

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When there's an eating disorder in the family, it affects everyone in the family, and every member of the family deserves a chance to heal.

Resources for Friends and Families