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Eating Disorder Affirmations

A Simple Tool for Developing New Strengths and Self-Awareness

Affirmations can be an important tool in overcoming eating disorders and other self-harming behavior patterns. Repeating your chosen affirmations on a regular basis can help put an end to negative thinking and help you develop new strengths and self-awareness.

One Full Year of Affirmations

  1. I like myself today. I am aware of possibilities for improvement, but I don't want to be anyone else.
  2. I cannot see the outcome of the journey, but I can take the next step.
  3. I am healthy.
  4. Today I can bring awareness to my self-talk and replace all the negative thoughts with positive thoughts as soon as they appear in my mind.
  5. I can live creatively if I can accept my anxiety and am willing to experience butterflies in my stomach from time to time.
  6. I will be patient, even in the midst of trouble.
  7. I am a good age to be.
  8. I am a responsible and trustworthy person.
  9. I can only find out by trying.
  10. I am creative.
  11. There is a purpose and value to each day of my life.
  12. I am humble.
  13. I create opportunities.
  14. I say clearly and wholeheartedly my yes and no.
  15. I am strong and calm.
  16. I trust my own process.
  17. I am open.
  18. I am creative and innovative.
  19. I can find peace in myself.
  20. I am able because I think I am able.
  21. I will not label myself as my problem; I am not my eating disorder.
  22. Today I know I have the right to be alive, happy, and full of joy.
  23. I deserve love and respect as I am.
  24. I have abundant energy.
  25. I can become the person I want to be.
  26. Today I am willing to assert my needs and feelings.
  27. I accept and experience all of my feelings.
  28. I am grateful for who I am.
  29. I will never please everyone and that is ok.
  30. I have given myself permission to be at one with the Universe.
  31. Whatever I am thinking right now is how I am feeling. I turn to the positive and loving thoughts because I choose to feel good.
  32. I will be gentle with myself if I get stuck.
  33. People are glad to support me.
  34. I will not be hard on myself today.
  35. The more I love, the more that love is returned to me.
  36. I give myself permission to begin again with whatever I am trying to learn.
  37. I help others fulfill their goals.
  38. I am not afraid of making mistakes.
  39. I allow myself to enjoy every moment of every day.
  40. I am naturally beautiful when I am myself.
  41. I give myself respect and encouragement to grow as a kind and loving person.
  42. I will persist until I succeed.
  43. The past has NO power over me!
  44. I am free.
  45. Criticism locks me into the very pattern I am trying to change.
  46. Courage unifies me.
  47. I can speak up for myself.
  48. One power we all have is the ability to redefine what we believe. I can learn to see things in a different way.
  49. In my own unique way, I am a genius.
  50. I love and approve of all of me -- even those qualities I thought were not good enough.
  51. I am capable of making healthy and positive decisions today.
  52. I am in charge of my life.
  53. I am ready to heal my heart ... I am deserving of this.
  54. I appreciate and am grateful for all the help I get along the way as I try to stay on course.
  55. The question I ask myself is not IF I should recover, but HOW I should recover.
  56. Recovery may seem hard, the alternative is worse.
  57. I am willing to release all my fears.
  58. I am lean, sexy and strong.
  59. I choose life.
  60. I can trust myself to deal with whatever comes along whether good or not so good.
  61. I can go anywhere I want to go, one step at a time.
  62. I let go of everything, which I no longer need.
  63. I am generous with my creativity, myself and others.
  64. I am willing to succeed.
  65. I am clear and calm.
  66. I do all I can every day to make a loving environment for all those around me, including myself.
  67. I will surround myself with people who are affirming and encouraging.
  68. I am open and willing today to take a step forward in a new direction.
  69. Today I dare to openly express my need and find healthy ways to get them met.
  70. Creativity is a blessing I accept.
  71. I shift from a limiting mental state to a limitless mental state easily and consistently.
  72. Taking the time to honor the needs of my body is taking the time to respect the needs of my soul.
  73. I will give myself the care and attention I need.
  74. I have ample time to relax and enjoy life.
  75. I am careful to honor my schedule and responsibilities.
  76. I am creating opportunity.
  77. I am prosperous and happy.
  78. I am safe and always feel protected.
  79. I have the power to create joy by choosing what feels good for me.
  80. I am desirable.
  81. Today I am glad to be ME!
  82. I need never go back again.
  83. There is no limit to what I can accomplish if I know the direction I am going and am willing to make the effort.
  84. It is often easier to know what to do than to do it. Today I will do those things that strengthen my recovery.
  85. I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire.
  86. I discard outmoded relationships including any relationship with myself that is no longer relevant to my improving life.
  87. I can forgive.
  88. I am open to receive and welcome love.
  89. I forgive myself for all the hurts I have inflicted on myself.
  90. Thoughts provoke action. I will think healthy thoughts to provoke healthier action.
  91. I take timely right action and engage in correct conduct.
  92. I share my goals.
  93. Reward yourself often. When you accomplish a particular task. When you have gone through a grueling part of your healing process.
  94. I am free to choose, and what I choose to do right now creates new memories. Today I choose to continue to do the very best. I let others help.
  95. I will let myself receive the healing I need.
  96. I am always in harmony with the Universe.
  97. The more honest I am with those around me, the more love is returned to me.
  98. I learn more about my value and inner life every day.
  99. I am efficient and creative in my work.
  100. I will not let others interfere with my steady resolve to live a full, useful, and productive day.
  101. I am lovable.
  102. I deserve to love and be loved.
  103. It is ok to allow my feelings to be expressed and released.
  104. It is safe for me to be powerful without my eating disorder.
  105. I follow through.
  106. My strength comes from forgiveness of those who hurt me.
  107. I am okay.
  108. I happily nourish my body and receive full satisfaction from moderate meals daily.
  109. Today I will make an effort to take one small step toward reaching one of my goals.
  110. I can handle anything that comes up today.
  111. I can choose exactly what I want to do to change how I am feeling.
  112. I can cope with change today without turning to or away from food.
  113. I breathe, enjoy, am honest, listen, learn, ask for what I want, follow my bliss and my honor.
  114. I am able to use my time wisely now to work or have fun.
  115. It is healthier to express myself clearly and directly.
  116. My friends and family love me. I am free to choose. Everything I am and everything I become is under my control.
  117. I make amends as soon as possible.
  118. I have unlimited choices in what I can think.
  119. I let others in my life.
  120. I DO make a difference.
  121. I explore where my creativity and bliss lead me.
  122. I am the power in my world. I get to have whatever I choose.
  123. I am always connected with the Divine Love in the Universe.
  124. Self-love is my birthright.
  125. People are glad to be with me.
  126. I will go about my life doing what I believe is right and hold fast to my beliefs.
  127. I will take the time to honor and express my dreams.
  128. When I am required to exhibit strength it comes.
  129. I am open to the new hopes and dreams of today.
  130. I refuse to let the negative tape of self-pity trap me.
  131. Today I will take a long good look at the good things in my life.
  132. If I wait patiently, always preparing myself, I will someday be at the place I want to be.
  133. I am unique and loving, loved, and free.
  134. I live in an endless sequence of now moments.
  135. As I trust my feelings and act on them, I feel powerful and alive.
  136. I release anger in harmless ways.
  137. I succeed where I put my efforts.
  138. I love and accept myself.
  139. I love.
  140. I am strong; I will succeed in whatever I choose to.
  141. I know what I know.
  142. I choose to create peace in my mind, my body and my world. All is well.
  143. I am doing the best I can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge I have.
  144. I make amends promptly with a steady presence.
  145. I feel love for the joy of being alive!
  146. I say yes only when I mean it.
  147. I am worthy of love.
  148. I am not finished growing, changing and evolving.
  149. I can change my attitudes towards the past.
  150. I am getting better and better in every way.
  151. I am thriving. The best is here for me to call into existence now.
  152. I am grateful to wake up in the morning alive and alert, free of the aftereffects of a binge.
  153. Wherever possible I turn negatives into positives.
  154. I am proud of myself for all I have accomplished, no matter how small or how great.
  155. I say no when I feel it and mean it.
  156. I appreciate, love, and respect my body. I will honor what it needs to grow emotionally and physically.
  157. I am paid very well in money and respect.
  158. I can love.
  159. I tolerate my feelings, think, decide and then act or not act in the best interest of all concerned, caring for myself and my loved ones.
  160. I create my good and my freedom with loving thoughts.
  161. I am a forgiving and loving person.
  162. I will seek out people who empower me. And during those times when they are not around, I will know that I can empower myself.
  163. I am trustworthy, I can rely on myself.
  164. I am doing better than I think.
  165. Today I am willing to focus, push forward, and go the distance.
  166. Many opportunities to make choices will arise today. I can be thoughtful and make choices that will lead to my greater wholeness.
  167. If I let myself down by slipping into old habits, I can gently correct my course without feeling that I have failed.
  168. I love my friends and family.
  169. I accept only thoughts that support me and make me feel good.
  170. Either I find a way, or I will make one.
  171. I am responsible for my life and always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy.
  172. The more I love and respect myself, the more others will love and respect me.
  173. The more things I plan to do, the more energy I will have.
  174. I forgive everyone I believe has wronged me.
  175. I am quick-witted.
  176. I value myself today. I value everything about me.
  177. My inner vision is always clear and focused.
  178. I can create a new life for myself, today and everyday.
  179. I no longer need to spend large blocks of time obsessing.
  180. I am not the best or the worst. I am ME! And that is enough.
  181. I accept other people's way of using their personally developed healing and sustaining tools.
  182. My size does NOT determine who I am.
  183. The qualities I admire in others, I have in myself.
  184. I am free to see life in a new way.
  185. Timely right action and correct conduct are my only true protection.
  186. Today I am willing to let go of all the negative tapes that I hear that block me from recovery.
  187. I am falling in love with life.
  188. Fears and doubts get smaller when I talk about them.
  189. I can get out of my rut and discover what interests me.
  190. I get adequate rest, exercise and nourishment.
  191. I deserve to be healthy.
  192. I am an honest person.
  193. I am honest to myself and other people.
  194. Doing my best is success.
  195. If I enviously compare myself to others, I am bound to come up short.
  196. When I feel too much stress, I will give myself a break and let my body start soaking up some healing energy.
  197. I manage large and small sums of money well.
  198. I am the only person who thinks in my mind. I am the power and authority in my world.
  199. I stay on task: new tasks and old tasks.
  200. I create my experiences by my thoughts and feelings.
  201. I am going to be a wonderful success in all my undertakings today.
  202. I am not at a dead end. I am reaching a new beginning.
  203. I care for myself.
  204. I feel lighter and better about myself when I do not procrastinate.
  205. I keep my word to myself.
  206. I can let go of shame.
  207. I trust my inner being to lead me in the right path.
  208. I will put a stop to any self-talk that does not make me feel good about myself.
  209. I control my thoughts.
  210. I am rooted in the soil of right action.
  211. I am finding my way in this new world.
  212. Never give up for that is just the time and place the tide will turn.
  213. I honor my mind, my body and my spirit every day.
  214. I can open myself to the hopes and dreams of today.
  215. As I go about my day, I will trust all my decisions.
  216. I know how to care for myself.
  217. As I allow myself to feel my feelings, I heal them.
  218. Today I am going to spend more time looking for all the positive things about myself.
  219. My faith will keep me going through those moments in between steps.
  220. I will no longer accept the unacceptable ways of living that do not work for me.
  221. I welcome all my feelings knowing they guide me to my true self.
  222. I cannot climb uphill by thinking downhill thoughts.
  223. Many things are possible if I accept that the fastest way is 1 step at a time.
  224. I can keep calm no matter what.
  225. I trust in the process of life. I am always in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time. I love and approve of myself.
  226. I attend to practical, concrete matters.
  227. I am free to take the journey of a lifetime.
  228. People in my life are present for our mutual learning.
  229. Recovery requires action. I can actively change my behavior.
  230. I am beautiful.
  231. I delight in learning. I take classes and read books on subjects new to me.
  232. I choose to make the best of what I am, I am brave, and I will survive.
  233. I contain my feelings, and think about what I am feeling and doing.
  234. Failure is not trying.
  235. I ask for what I want.
  236. I tolerate others' anger and disappointment. I maintain the relationship and my course of action.
  237. I can have urges. I may also choose not to act on them.
  238. I am open to positive changes in my life today.
  239. I use anxiety to create.
  240. I am filled with the Love of the Universal Divine Truth.
  241. I trust people to be here for me.
  242. I trust that the waiting part of change is necessary. I trust my desire for change is the beginning of change.
  243. I am smart.
  244. I am capable of letting go of all the negativity that is standing in the way of me feeling good about myself.
  245. I can learn how to be alone comfortably and creatively.
  246. I believe life is worth living.
  247. I am free to be myself.
  248. I am temperate and courteous.
  249. I am learning to trust my instincts and move away from unpleasant and stressful people, places and things.
  250. I am creating a solid career that brings joy and satisfaction to me and the people I serve.
  251. I share my dreams.
  252. This is a new and wonderful day for me; there will never be another day like this one.
  253. I will see myself doing all the things I would like to do.
  254. I invite friends to join me in simple pleasures.
  255. I am in charge. I am responsible for the direction of my boat.
  256. I am attractive.
  257. I contribute to the happiness of others.
  258. I speak what I know from my heart.
  259. One step at a time. That is how I will get to where I am going.
  260. I honor my integrity and the integrity of others.
  261. I know that one step at a time I am making progress today. I am grateful for my growth even if it is not always obvious.
  262. I am willing to take positive and healthy action today and my life is getting better.
  263. I nurture my inner child, love her and have allowed her to heal.
  264. I have courage to go forward: to meet the new day, to handle whatever confronts me.
  265. I cannot control or change others, but I can change myself.
  266. Today I will do one small task that will contribute toward the achievement of my life goals.
  267. I share my tasks.
  268. I expect the best.
  269. I am at peace with all those around me.
  270. I stay on task.
  271. I no longer stay in situations that bring me unhappiness and pain.
  272. I am a worthwhile person and deserve food to give me energy.
  273. I move beyond old limitations...
  274. I turn knowledge into positive action.
  275. Today I am breaking out of old patterns and rewriting old tapes.
  276. I am powerful now and powerfully connected to myself.
  277. I will dwell on the positive affirmations and things in my life and they will become my aspiration.
  278. I am getting better and better every day.
  279. Love is eternal and ever-lasting.
  280. No person, place, thing, or thought has power over me.
  281. I acknowledge all of my feelings because I am in touch with my feelings.
  282. I am at one with the inner child in me.
  283. I am at peace with the Universe.
  284. Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end.
  285. I enjoy the colors, smells, and feel of life around me.
  286. I am adult.
  287. There are literally billions of thoughts I can choose to think.
  288. I am willing to change. I love and approve of myself.
  289. Through recognizing and acknowledging my blocks, I release and clear them.
  290. Where I am at the moment is perfect. My past is my friend as I take the lessons that I can learn from it and say thank you.
  291. I will be gentle with myself. I am not alone in my problem, my powerlessness, or my search for a solution.
  292. I attract healthy, honest people into my life.
  293. I follow my heart. I can trust it.
  294. Courage grows as we use it.
  295. I am responsible for my own actions and consequences.
  296. Today I will seek out things that are fun to do.
  297. I express anger in appropriate ways so that peace and harmony are balanced at all times.
  298. I let others know my life.
  299. I experience and express my emotions freely.
  300. I believe I deserve love.
  301. I hang onto my humor. I don't ask for permission, I just do it. I make everything fun!
  302. Understanding and respecting my limits, I can learn to say no to what might jeopardize my serenity and well-being.
  303. I gain energy from doing those things I choose to do rather than what I feel I have to.
  304. The rest unfolds as it is.
  305. I am confident in the workings of my mind.
  306. I think the thoughts that will produce happiness in this situation.
  307. The only limitations I have are the ones I place on myself.
  308. Choosing positive thoughts and making positive choices fill me with new strength, confidence and excitement.
  309. I am in charge of my own journey.
  310. I stand up for what I believe.
  311. I will look for the beauty in every problem I have to solve.
  312. Today I choose to do things that make me feel good about myself.
  313. All of my feelings are valid.
  314. I keep my word to others.
  315. If I don't fuel a bad mood by binge/purge/restrict, I have a better chance of getting over it quickly.
  316. I take adequate action.
  317. I offer what I know in terms people can understand.
  318. I can allow myself to relax.
  319. I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.
  320. I follow up on my projects.
  321. Maybe I am where I am today for a reason other than I thought. Maybe the first thing to do is cleanse my past and heal my heart.
  322. Give yourself some relief.Take the pressure off.
  323. I know when to let go and move on.
  324. People are glad to accept me.
  325. I am loving and accepting of others and this creates lasting friendships for me.
  326. I find my learning.
  327. To be upset over what I don't have is to waste what I do have.
  328. I am playful and competent.
  329. I can choose to have a daily reprieve from self-destructive behavior.
  330. I will not allow the fear of what if to ruin the joy of what is.
  331. I enjoy excellent health.
  332. My life is very important to me. I have the right to be happy.
  333. I deserve only success.
  334. I am not afraid of life. I believe that life is worth living and my belief helps create the fact.
  335. Anger hurts more than the person I feel rage toward. I will let go and move on. Life is too valuable to get stuck.
  336. I am free to be all can be.
  337. I believe my deep knowing.
  338. I trust the wisdom inside me.
  339. I will begin taking better care of myself that I ever have before.
  340. I am at peace with myself.
  341. I am not in control of others, but I am in control of myself.
  342. People are glad to give me what I need.
  343. I accept others as they are.
  344. Today I dare to look within to see what is keeping me stuck.
  345. I am courageous and Independent.
  346. People are glad to love me.
  347. I have the power to heal.
  348. I create my future in now moments.
  349. It is ok to make mistakes.
  350. My opinions are worthwhile and deserve to be heard.
  351. I have no fear because everything will work out in the end.
  352. I am surrounded with loving, caring people in my life.
  353. It is safe for me to be alive.It is safe for me to be me. I am good enough as I am. I trust myself.
  354. Forgiveness, tolerance and compassion. I move forward without hesitation.
  355. When I fill my body with the good things I need - rest, proper nutrition, satisfying work, loving and caring, my effectiveness.
  356. I will take the time to notice what's right in me, in others, and in the world around me.
  357. I am winning by doing this exercise.
  358. I exult in the success of others.
  359. I interact with new people.
  360. I have provided a harmonious place for myself and those I love.
  361. I can move away from self-defeating habits.
  362. I can refuse to think certain thoughts. I can also refuse to think a negative thought about myself.
  363. I can watch my negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts of love and compassion.
  364. If a thought or belief does not serve me, I will let it go.